Case Studies

Our programme of work continues to support the people of Lincolnshire to help them find the care they need. Read our case studies below to see how our team have made an impact on so many people's lives. 

Fictious names have been used to protect the identity of people within the case study. 

Shelia's Story

Shelia, a 96 year old lady living in Boston needed support to help reduce her feelings of loneliness. 

Our team referred Shelia to the Macmillan Volunteers to provide face-to-face support, company in the home and on the occasional outing for tea and cake. 

Shelia's daughter was concerned that her mum was unable to hear telephone conversations properly due to a hearing impairment and was unable to hear the clinical follow-up phone calls. 

Our team referred Shelia to Lincolnshire Sensory Services who were able to help. Lincolnshire Sensory Services were able to provide Shelia with a telephone device that would amplify the spoken word and a microphone that transmitted the amplified spoken word directly into Shelia's ears using small headphones. This service was provided for free. 

Both Shelia and her daughter were delighted with the outcome, they are both confident using the equipment and are pleased with the positive impact it has had on their lives.