The ward is located on the lower level 1 of the main hospital to the left of the building. When entering the entrance doors, you will find a spacious waiting area with multiple wipeable chairs, space for wheelchairs with access to a Television and Water Dispenser. To the right of the waiting room the large reception desk, will allow you to check in for your appointment whilst also having a large screen tablet, where you can input your car registration, allowing for free parking. 

The Chemotherapy suite can care for multiple patients at once, therefore you will find several other patients having treatment at the same time as you. This provides the opportunity to speak with others experiencing similar things to yourself, however if you would prefer some quiet time throughout treatment, you can bring headphones and a music device to your appointment. The suite also advises you bring a book, tablet, phone, colouring or quiz book with you to your visit, as they cannot guarantee the duration of your appointment. 

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To get help or assistance with transport, alternative formatted information, BSL or language interpreters or mobility aids, contact 01522 572266

Ingham Ward: (01522) 572261