Food Bank

Food banks and community larders provide emergency food parcels free of charge. Food bank support is for anybody who needs short-term food support. This can include those who are homeless, unemployed, or individuals in employment, but with insufficient pay to meet their needs.

You normally need a referral and voucher, and more information on accessing these can be found below.

Logo of Lincolnshire Food Bank, green text with green strand of wheat

Where Can I Find a Local Food Bank? 

Lincolnshire has over 50 Food Bank’s, which aim to support most communities in the county. To find a foodbank near you, please visit one of the links below. These contain a map of all Lincolnshire Food Banks, alongside their location, contact details and further information such as whether a food bank voucher is required.

Food Bank Vouchers

Citizens Advice

The simplest and fastest way to access a Food Bank Voucher is to contact your local Citizen’s Advice Centre. These centres can support holistically with financial support but also provide these vouchers within many local communities

Other Community Organisation

Other individuals who may already be supporting you may be able to provide a Food Bank Voucher. These individuals could include your Health Visitor, Social Worker, Children’s Centre, or GP.

The Bread & Butter Thing

The services mobile food clubs make life more affordable for people on low incomes, build stronger communities and reduce food waste. This is done by them offering weekly groceries at a fraction of high street prices. The service does not require food vouchers, and there are no set criteria; all they ask is that users need support.

For £8.50 we offer roughly £35 worth of food each week including fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled food for the fridge and cupboard staples such as pasta and cereal.

The service currently operates within Old Leake and Newark; however, the service has already begun plans for expansion within other localities in the county.

There is no commitment and it’s free to join. To sign up visit the link below and follow four quick and simple steps, which can be found in the flyers below or by visiting The Bread and Butter Thing’s Website.

Other Community Support, Helping You Eat Well

Within Lincolnshire there are several communities also offering food support in other ways, such as Lunch Clubs and Community Kitchens. These offers are run by people from the local community and can offer food, alongside friendship, social support and signposting to other support and information.

These can be located through the Lincolnshire Food Partnership Map, a Google search, by contacting your local Community Hub or by contacting one of Lincolnshire’s Macmillan Information and Support Centre.